Thursday, September 26, 2013

No chip off the old block

Mum blogs. 
Mom notes. 
Mother diaries. 
Mama journals. 
Mummy chronicles. 

Yep, you know the ones. 

Tales of regurgitated carrot mush, thrown sippy cups, burnt casseroles, irritating and irritated significant others, teething gums, terrifying pooplosions and unfortunate child-picks-nose-in-public incidents. 

Sagas of lost blankies and the treacherous journeys undertaken to retrieve them, and unintentional novellas intricately debating the pros and cons of dressing your munchkin in onesies with feet. 

Long-winded discussions of how to remove the now-rock-hard regurgitated carrot mush from where it has been trodden into the carpet - complete with every detail you never realised you never wanted to know.

As a first-time-mum to a very cheeky five-month-young baby daughter (let's call her Buggy), I have been trawling my way through plenty of these blogs in the excruciatingly small hours. Never one to be left out of anything, I have decided to dip my toe into the mummy blogging swimming pool and see if I can swim. 

Now, I would love to tell you that this blog will be different, that MY mum blog will be a chip off the old proverbial block - you know, refreshing and groundbreaking stuff, only dishing up precious gems of absurdity and treasure for you to read over your hot morning cuppa and freshly baked wholegrain muffin. 

Alas, though, here we are in the real world. And in the real world, we all know that my mum blog will follow the typical trajectory of a typical mum blog. I will no doubt slip into complacency and post mundane revelations, typical childhood milestones, mummy dilemmas, angry rants and the occasional off-topic ramble. 

And you, dear readers, will probably be lucky if you get to read my posts with a cold cuppa and a wanna-be-low-fat-muesli-bar in hand. Sigh. (Unless, of course, you have not yet morphed into a parental being, in which case your latte will be steaming and you'll no doubt be clicking over to a more enthralling blog right about ...)

Regardless though, I will press on and try my best to tap up some posts worthy of your cuppa time, and worthy of this little corner of the tangential abyss we like to call the internet (or is it just the web these days, I can never keep up?!) There will be stories to narrate, embarrassing lessons to explain and disasters to recount - plenty of mum days in all their honest glory.

So onward, upward, and right now, to the laundry! 

M x

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