Friday, February 14, 2014

A Little Spot of Romance

Not yet seven and the baby's screaming -
good morning anyway, my tired Valentine.

Disheveled and sweaty in the least sexy way,
but I'm terribly glad we are yours and mine.

Please shut that superfluous alarm up,
it's trashing our orchestra of screams;
too late, the romance is playing dead, 
gone to dally with quiet morning dreams. 

We're up, she's up, the house is up,
Cupid, why can't we all just be down?
The dog is barking into the cacophony,
we must be waking up the entire town.  

I think there's fresh clothes on the floor, 
definitely dirty dishes looking for a clean;
yes, I know the household is a bit askew,
I'm going for the on-trend ramshackle lean.

Watch yourself, my coffee slurping Valentine,
Mini Cupidess just put weetbix on your shirt;
don't worry, rub it in with the banana gunk
And the miscellaneous congregated baby dirt.

Now I got you a card, all glittering and cheap,
Picked with love and thrift at the grocery store;
goodbye, take the garbage on your way out, 
There's no room in the kitchen bin anymore.

Naps, no naps, and tipped up sippy cups, 
avocado painting on the high chair seat;
high time to inhale a bag of gummy bears,
Mummy's sneaky own Valentine's treat. 

The dog's attacking the kitchen door again,
and balance has left the washing machine;
I'll let the mop make out with the broom
and leave tomorrow to work on being clean.

Hello, can you hear me, are you in the car, 
can you pick up more loo paper on the way?
I'll put the baby down and then we'll have 
our shortened parental style Valentine's Day. 

Carbonara, wine, some parmesan cheese,
And three candles on the television stand;
not the classiest restaurant in the suburb
but ample quality for exhausted demand. 

Documentary down and lounge lamp on low,
there's enough time for a spot of romance yet;
no, you're not imagining it, the baby's awake,
that wine is as lucky as you're going to get. 

Let's go to bed with a synchronized flump,
to pass out cold as we both just need to do;
let all the energetic love birds eat our dinner,
while we sleep and snore and love me and you. 

What is your Valentine's Day story?

M x

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